Ordering deadline : July 30

Please remember that each image can be edited in color, text added, tones, etc.
All print, canvas, matboard, storyboard, etc prices are listed by clicking on each image/ and then the shopping cart. Image grouping examples are at the end of your gallery. All prices are also listed in "Session Information" on my website.
Storyboard images can be adjusted according to your personal choice.

If you ordered a proofbook - some information about these:
Email me your chosen images and which image you would like for the cover -
1) 8X10 proofbook has 4 images per page - you may choose up to 28 images for this book
2) 5X7 proofbook has one image per page(1/4" border on each image) - you may choose up to 20 images for this book

Orders can be made online through this website or by emailing your order directly to me and sending payment through the mail - whichever you prefer. Please let me know if you have any questions -

Thanks again! Suzy
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